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Unwritten Rules of Lead and Follow (written for you!)

Being in the unfamiliar surrounds of the northern suburbs of Perth this morning, I asked my mate if he would indulge in doing the Lead and Follow thing… termed today as leady-followy. He happily obliged and despite some minor setbacks, such as losing each other, it helped me get between our multiple destinations with minimum fuss. In so doing, it let me cast my mind to the following 3 central tenets of leading (in my opinion).

1) Never drive at a speed that would necessitate the follower to break the speed limit to stay in contact. While you may be happy with a few demerits and a few less cappuccinos this week, it’s unwise and unfair to expect your follower to do likewise, especially if they get pinged.
2) If you’re going to go for a gap (at a turn-off or roundabout for example), make sure it’s big enough for both cars.
3) If you do lose your follower, pull over and wait for them to catch up.

As an add-on to rules 1 and 2, and an action which may necessitate an invocation of rule 3, do not proceed through an Amber traffic light!

As a follower, you have an obligation to stay reasonably close, take minor risks as payback for having a personalised GPS unit, be aware of what the lead car is doing and, under no circumstances, run up their bum as a result of ineptitude, iphoning, or both 🙂

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