Life as a Journey II

Life as a Journey II – A breath of fresh air

The journey has now ended and I stand atop the bluff.
With your words as guiding gusts I stare at endless seas.
But they aren’t as I desire for the waves look cold and rough,
The wind it chills inside my heart and sinks me to my knees.

I feel the pounding of the waves through solid rock and ground,
I have been here only seconds yet feel so weak and tender.
But steal a breath of sweetest air, which bids me look around,
And with heavy limbs and weary eyes I view a scene of splendour.

My heart and spirit rise unlike the slowly setting sun,
For I see some bluffs along the coast more favoured by the breeze.
And I know now as I smile aloud that the search has just begun
For the place I see inside my heart, with sparkling emerald seas.

So I make my slow way down the track in the fading of the day,
And make for the point of friendship for the wind too blows that way.

Written 28/6/00 – sequel to The Bluff

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