Life as a Journey I

Life as a Journey I – The Bluff

It is I who walks towards the bluff, prisoner of sea and land.
Alone beneath the aqua skies, here two pilgrims stand.

One has stood for eons and is shepherd to the waves;
A ceaseless rush of pounding blows – grows weak but never caves.

As too my blood and heart inside, do rush and ever pound,
Drowning in the tides within, my soul is swept around.

Yet something yearns inside of me, as I push up broken track.
To gaze upon the endless seas! Alas, you hold me back.

You are the wind that hinders me, I feel your strength so bold.
You carve both heart and face alike with gusts of hot and cold.

Still sometimes I rejoice for thee, for you shift the mists of woe.
You clear away the path for me, and show me where to go.

Yet lest you give me all your strength, and love me with your ‘motions,
Beneath this bluff I’ll stand at length, to never gaze on emerald oceans.

Early to mid 2000.

Prequel to Life as a Journey II – A breath of fresh air

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