Tie me up, I’m drifting. Unattached; neither here nor there.
Unknown future; past that’s known but going, till it too dwells in that place outside of mind and memory – horizons stretch in both directions after all.

Drinking, smoking, sifting through thoughts left on the curb to be recycled or discarded come Tuesday.
Where to? Where from? Where now? Anyhow…

Thoughts of purpose; purpose of feeling; feeling the need to know where to go from here –
Drift from year to year…or day to day – today and tomorrow.
Minutes passed like white dashes on a long, straight highway;
longer than you remember, but past in a flash and gone forever.
Little chance to reverse or unwind – turn to verse and the mind instead…(in whose stead?)

And I drift on – without your cares as companions I’m sure,
for you are seeking your own distant shore.


Ah, how the mind rumbles along when all else is seemingly benign and boring. Composing this was more fun than the 2 1/2 hour work meeting I was subjected to upon its completion I assure you…The stuff in parentheses was in the original scribble but will probably be taken out later for being completely irrelevant.

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