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Faberge Eggs

The recent sale of the Rothschild Faberge Egg (1902) brought these little gems to my attention for the first time. Indeed, they appear to be sensational works of craftspersonship and are very striking. I found a good site with pictures of a lot of the eggs if you’re interested in taking a sticky-beak 🙂

Now this is one recipe that is beyond me

How to make and bake some breaks

Apparently, the guy is Darren Foreman a.k.a – Beardy Man (UK Beat Boxing Champion)

Ah, Nostalgia…

So, part of my honours has me going and digging out Media Releases from a certain Lobby Group to analyse qualitatively for signs of change in rhetoric. Unfortunately, some of the old links are broken and thus I had to try novel ways of finding the data…

Which brought me to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, a site that lets you access old archived versions of websites from 1996 onwards. This thing is pretty neat and lets you get an idea of the changing face of the web over the last decade. Again, unfortunately, the documents I was chasing were not to be found; however, I did (partly out of vanity’s sake) check to see whether my blog had archived versions… Sure enough, there it was, sitting pretty in archived form from 2003 onwards. Which led me to (re)discover the original intro I put up for the site… one that still makes me smile when I see it. I think I might even bring it back with a few modifications such is my pride in my first piece of motion-art…

So here it is, in all it’s glory – Katzenjammer Intro Reborn 😉

Who said science wasn’t cool

Here is a link to a video of a tesla coil playing music (including the theme of Mario Bros)… whacky

Some people are clever

Here is a clever little map of all the U.S. states renamed after countries with similar GDP figures.

Here is proof that Pi = 3

How excited am I?!?

Last night I decided to do a routine upgrade of WordPress, and I’m proud to say she’s humming along just fine and dandy on version 2.2 (after a few minor hiccups of course). In the process of upgrading, I decided to upload a plugin that allows me to view my stats – how many are coming, where are they coming from, what’s being read…and anyways, it’s pretty cool.

For instance, I now know that at least two people have seen my new frontpage – yay. Rhub has also referred two people – yay.

And…the creme de la creme… Someone who was researching the age-old topic of burning the roof of the mouth with pizza stumbled upon my site (link) . I can only assume that they might’ve been looking for some useful information – maybe their child or dog had been stricken by the infliction – and instead got trapped in a nice gooey web of rant

Ah the wonders of a childish mind…Now, I simply sit back and wait for the (inevitable) sponsorship dollars to start rolling in…

Or continue to write about seemingly pointless drivel that makes it’s way onto random search query result lists…Hmmm, which sounds more appealing you reckon?

Other Cool Tidbits

Oldest Bee fossil found – supports theories of bee evolution.

Pelican eats Pidgeon – would make the pelican a flying cat for eating the flying rat…What would be the flying dog?

Read about Aerogels – amazing stuff by the sounds of things…

Got nothing planned for the weekend?  Help search for interstellar dust!!


Nasa is set to launch two satellites to gain a better idea of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that spew out of the sun, typically throwing into space a billion tonnes of material from the Sun’s atmosphere, at speeds of about 400km/s.

The study is designed to study the solar eruptions, the ‘space weather’ they create, and the implications for life on earth.

The BBC News link is here .

It always strikes me how research institutes come up with nifty acronyms for their programs and gadgets. Is it the first part of the planning phase that takes place? Is a sizeable portion of the budget set up for acronymizing? Do they have a random acronymator computer program? Are they backronyms?

Nasa head – “I like the cut of your jib fellas; your project looks amazing and it’s definitely a budget we could manage here at Nasa. But I’m afraid you obviously didn’t dedicate enough money to acronymizing; I mean, ‘project FAECES’?! Come on! Couldn’t you do something cute like, SHARK or FRAGGLE? Couldn’t you have employed a few cryptic crossworders for a couple of months?”

OM Goodness

If they weren’t being so serious, this would be the funniest website ever. And I’m pretty sure their visitor numbers have multiplied manyfold since being shown on

So whithout further ado, here is the ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture.

Notable mentions –

Napolean Dynamite – for its

* attention to crotch

* crotch injury

* pelvic thrusts in dance, repeatedly

A Knight’s Tale – about which it was written

Note that the homosexual inference by the use of two major songs by homo/bisexual artists, “We Will Rock You” [Queen] and “Golden Years” [Bowie] is not likely accidental. At least two homosexual suggestions were presented in the movie serving as more desensitization toward God’s decree that the practice of homosexuality is a sin [1Cor. 7:2; 1Cor. 6:9-10]. It does seem that media available to our teens are presenting more and more matters of homosexuality. [Rom. 16:17; Rom. 16:18].

And then you have Sin City…enjoy

[Update] – what’s that I hear you ask? Which films scored 100?

Of the more than 1000 films CAP analyzed only four films have earned the highest possible CAP final score of 100, including Who gets the House and Grandpa Friendly’s Workshop: Making Friends.


Now I’ve been using Google Earth for a while now – making flyovers, finding cool places and images, and generally avoiding serious work. So imagine my surprise when I boot up GEarth for the first time in a while and see improved resolution for parts of Australia, including {drumroll} Bonny Hills…wow! Finally, I can locate my house and see more than a red splodge… To see my parents’ humble abode from the sky…replete with freshly painted tiles on the roof! paste –

-31.594580, 152.839098

into your G Earth location bar and press enter…feel free to have a little squiz around my town; although my newly bouyed enthusiasm will no doubt have me set up a .kmz (playlist style) file in the near future….oh excitement plus for a little nerd like me.

So if you have a PC, a heartbeat and half decent internet connection – get Google Earth!