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Perth Storms

So you may or may not have heard, but Perth got slammed yesterday afternoon. And what a way to break a 4-5m month dry spell…! Multiple fronts dumping 45mm of rain in under 2 hours, phenomenal wind (127km in the city), hailstones the size of hailstones, and thunder that popped your heart out of your chest after each colossal lightning strike that froze time for an instant.

I’d left work early due try and get on top of a headcold, and about 12mins after arriving home, the rain started; then the blackout that was inevitable (according to my boss, the salt encrusts on the power distribution network and shorts it out until it’s duly rinsed off – and rinsed off it was).

Then the hail started, and like a sodden fool playing skirmish with god (and without a gun), I dashed about trying to blanket the car to remove some of the potency of the hail impact. Unfortunately, and welts aside, I was a little late and Storm’s beloved Norman now carries some pock marks for his struggles. Compared with some other cars I saw today, and with others that had windows/screen smashed yesterday, he pulled up alright.

I’m sure a few trusty 10+ year old canines managed to slip off their mortal collars and expired with nerves as a result of the lightning and thunder that carried on for hours. Flooding in the city, traffic at a standstill for hours, mudslides near the CBDs iconic park, and washing wet on the line for the first time in months… it was, in a word… memorable.

Anyways, here are some pics… You’d think I’ve never seen rain the way I’m carrying on, but hey… it was fun!

Norman in the Hail

Hail in the Yardl

Hail the size of hailstones

2nd Front on the way

Green Clouds

Green Clouds2

The Old Shed


Driving Home

Chain Rain...

Photos from Dad’s 60th

I have thrown up some photos from my Dad’s recent 60th Birthday weekend. So if you like photos of gorgeous young kids, some gorgeous young-at-heart oldies and food then you could do worse than check them out 🙂

p.s. These are only the pics that came from my camera… those of the night taken on Mum’s wonderful Canon are not in my possession 🙁