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Best Things in Life are Free

A couple of evenings ago, I made up this little song on my ‘targ’ (as my littlest flatmate Yumi would call it). After a couple of days of playing with lyrics, I made a rough draft of it this morning. And by rough, I’m talking how you feel the morning after twelve tequilas and a bump on the head. Case in point – the cicadas in the background. So as long as you listen to it in summer, you should be sweet…



I’s walking down the street when I saw her pretty face.
I’s thinking to myself man I bet she’s worth the chase.
Around the corner then I realized she was gone.
I shrugged and stood a while, grabbed my heart and kicked it on.

I say, mmm mmm, best things in life are free.
Mmm mmm just got to find the one for me.

I’s playing volleyball when I dived across the sand.
And though the point was lost, I heard her clapping hands.
I thought her admiration, would one day lead to fornication, but
Despite my remonstrations, she grabbed her ball and went on home.

Saying, Mmm mmm, best things in life are free.
She says, mmm mmm, but you’ll get none of that from me.

So after years of searching, I finally found my girl.
And ‘spite that old cliche, well, I think she is my world.
After a few missed chances, awkward moments and seductive glances,
Endpoint was true romance, and we’re still dancing now.

Singing, mmm mmm, best things in life are free.
Mmm mmm and I have found the one for me (x2)

Hope you like it 🙂 I just hope Joe Satriani hasn’t written a riff like this!

Jimmy Made #1

Recently, during kerbside collection for our suburb, I drove past a relatively new front loading washer on my street and made a mental note to sneak by at dark and acquire the machine for either washing or miscellaneous purposes. With the help of two friends, I shifted the heavy bugger the 50 or so metres to my backyard and waited…

My parents had turned an old tub at home into an awesomely good brazier. It was so good in fact that they built a special paved fire-pit area with the tub taking pride of place in the centre. With this in mind as a secondary option, I – with the help of my mate Scootie – set about rewiring the machine in the hope it would be one of those rare kerbside gems that works wonderfully and evermore. Alas, it was a dud and appeared to be beyond repair for a man whose sole tools are a shifter, screwdriver and tyre spanner.

I moved swiftly to plan b) dismantling the monster. With said shifter and screwdriver I neanderthalically sided with the forces of entropy and brought the beast to pieces. Removing the tub from the shell proved particularly difficult due to the presence of counterbalancing concrete slabs screwed into the cover.

After much huffing and puffing, the tub was liberated and removed from its plastic covering and spinning wheel, ready for use as the perfect brazier…

The problem was… it was so shiny and new and beautiful that life as a brazier hardly seemed befitting for such a creature…

Fast forward a few days and a few discussions with flatmates and Storm and it seemed life as a lamp would possibly be a superior alternative. After making a light (again from components found in kerbside collecting), putting greaseproof paper on the inside of the tub to make the light glow a bit more diffuse, and placing an indoor plant in the top, she was finally ready…

The final piece fell into place yesterday when riding past a pile of junk in another suburb’s kerbside collection, I found a large plastic lamp cover that (coincidentally) happened to be the exact size for sitting atop my tublamp. With the plant duly removed (the lamp has multiple setups – perfect for any occasion!) I turned off the lights, turned on the lamp and admired what had been achieved in the past two weeks with little more than a screwdriver, shifter and an idiot at the helm…

img_4464_1.JPG img_4465_3.JPGimg_4466_2.JPG

Now to find a second machine to get that brazier fired up and ready for a winter backyard fire and roasted taties… ooh yeah…

Poached Eggs and some…

I love poached eggs… Strangely threatening to attempt for the first few times, but a wonderful and ‘easy’ meal once you’ve mastered the tricks. Being home sick for a second day running, I had a few extra minutes upon waking up to indulge myself with a decent breakfast… I’d decided that I wanted a little something extra for flavour and in so doing stumbled on a great little combo:

Put hot water in a small pot, and bring to the boil with a dash of salt and white vinegar. At the same time, throw a medium flame under a small frying pan.

Drop your two eggs in with care and hope they don’t break or combine (depending on your taste for poached eggs, about 2 1/2 or a dash more minutes should give you firm whites and runny yolks). Drop a dollop of butter into the pan and grate a decent handful of zucchini onto the butter. Mix it through reasonably well and get your bread toasting. Throw a small dollop of leggos (tomato pasta sauce) or similar into the buttered zucchini… in this case, less is more… and stir through.

Drop the poached eggs onto the toast and fork them to spread. A smidge of salt and a grinding of pepper and then place your zucchini masterpiece on top. Finish with a grating of cheese and enjoy with a newspaper and a glass of Booyah-Jimmy (3/4 Juice of Orange, 1/4 cranberry juice)…