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Short Film 1; Haiku 1 – Rain on Asbestos

So this is a bit of a 30×30 two-in-one…

In the middle of Summer, Perth had around 30 consecutive days of +30C days, with a few ~40C days thrown in for good measure. On one of the latter, we had the pleasure of almost 100 per cent humidity thanks to a cyclone hovering off the Northwest. As we sat around, hot and bothered – very frickin’ hot and bothered – it felt like the skies might actually crack. And they did.

For about 20 minutes, during which I got the footage below, Daisy danced around like a loon and we showered, fully-clothed, under the rain-chain, it was bliss. Cold, refreshing bliss. And then the rain stopped, the heat and humidity returned and by 11pm that evening it had a relative temperature (where humidity is factored in) of around 41C.

So here is the short film. And a haiku (well close enough) for you. – The music was recorded tonight, using part of a song I’d done for a piece of Storm’s previous choreography.