Crows’ Feet

I’ve been watching crows’ feet walk,
Bellies bulge and babies talk
I have heard the dawn birds sing,
‘The trees have added another ring’;
The trees have added another ring.

Pick an image that best describes,
The passing days, the passing time;
Falling sands or falling tides,
I guess we’re getting old;
I guess we’re getting old.

Life has fun she paints my face,
With deepened lines in carbon trace
All my rats have run their race,
This sucks, I’m getting old;
This sucks, I’m getting old.

Autumn’s changes come and go,
Crops are reaped and then re-sown.
I’ve come to grips, i’m letting go,
Of this fear of getting old;
Of this fear of getting old.

I’ve been watching crow’s feet stride,
Across my cheeks from side to side
But as long as you’ve come for the ride,
Who cares about getting old?
Who cares about getting old?


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