Learning on the Fly

In just over 12 hours I’ve been offered nigh-on everything: motorcycle/tuk-tuk/taxi rides, tour guidance, meals, shoe shines, DVDs, books, trinkets, marijuana, and lady-friendship. While I declined all but a bit of sustenance, I’m left to smile and muse what new and novel things will be proffered tomorrow…

A set of eyes and a day to wander this intriguing place have enabled me to make a few additional observations:
* some middle-class Vietnamese like to drink their coffee/tea/what-have-you against a backdrop of mind-drummingly loud techno music;
* it’s very hard to get clarification on whether ice has been made from purified water against a backdrop of mind-drummingly loud techno music;
* there are so, so, so many motos and scooters here. Given the apparent laxity of helmet safety regulations, helmets have become more fashion than function, with a plethora of styles and colours gracing the noggins of all and sundry.
* if you want to stop traffic, you’ll need more than a minor car/scooter accident. Limping or not, you’d better get the hell out of the intersection, pronto, so the many, many fashionably-helmeted scooter riders can barge, weave and/or beep a way through.
* the Vietnamese didn’t think it pertinent to silence the underlying audio when dubbing foreign films/tv-shows. This makes for an rather grating viewing experience, much like an annoying friend speaking over the top of everything you wish to hear… in Vietnamese. I can imagine the linguistic pendulum of annoyance swings both ways mind you.
* War is a horrible thing: a grotesque, warped, tragically photogenic beast…
* and lastly, 60’s decor hasn’t aged a jot 😉

Another day, another lesson; so here’s to what tomorrow brings…

(Pics for the post here – http://www.flickr.com/photos/10612898@N02/sets/72157627677875235/)

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