Song 1 – Raindrops in May

So I thought I’d make the most of an empty house and inclement weather to muck around on my home-music setup. It’s nothing flash: a USB-mixer, a few microphones and leads, and the open-source (yay) Audacity mixing/editing software.

After a few shambolic attempts at recording a song with the vocals – and due consideration of a colleague’s best attempts at constructive criticism (“Don’t give up your day job”) – I decided I’d play around with a little bit of vocal-free guitar. And Raindrops in May is the result… 3 Simple playthroughs, overlaid and marginally time-shifted. The absence of further editing is pretty evident I’m sure you’ll agree. But you know what, who really cares…?

Anyways, I hope you like it.


One thought on “Song 1 – Raindrops in May

  1. Jackie Mcintosh says:

    Excellent, James. I’m listening to it while cooking dinner in the Dolomites. Beautiful music to listen to.

    (Scribe: G. McIntosh)

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