30×30 – An idea for a year

“You shouldn’t aim to ‘be happy’ in life. Happiness is the by-product of doing other things” – Dad^

So I guess I’d better explain the idea of 30×30, so the bombardment of all things 30×30 makes more than minimal sense. In the lead up to my birthday, I thought I’d like to get something out of the coming year, rather than treat it like a placeholder for the ‘rest of my life’ or a stop-gap for the remainder of my Perth residence. Importantly, I wanted to regain a sense of self that didn’t revolve around my work, which holds a pretty close rein on my 0830-1800 waking hours and which, at times, is less than motivating and fulfilling.

Birthday’s are convenient arbitrary ‘start dates’ for all manner of things, and 30, being the clean slate for a new decade, seemed as reasonable a place as any to start.

So I thought, well why not try and do 30 lots of 30 different things…?

900 things* sounds like a lot to do, but really that’s only 3 or so ‘things’ a day over the course of a year. So many elements of life are incidental and considered trivial (or not even considered) and really take no effort to do – drinking a coffee somewhere for example, or trying a new beer. Others take more effort – doing 30 charitable acts or seeing 30 live music performances – and others are damn near impossible – 30 days of 6am starts (for the non-parents out there).

But the hope is that each ‘thing’ will constitute a single stroke in a painting, of a year, that will become more than a placeholder and which contains some interest and meaning, if for no-one more than me…

And so, please, pull the rip-chord if you feel it necessary. Eject, run-away, skedaddle, vamoose, and literally unsubscribe from the mailing list if the tedium of multiple blog posts over the last week has already taken its toll. I probably won’t write up every one of my 30x30s, but I will be writing up a few, and so perhaps the best way to approach it is to – whenever fancy strikes, and it may never – jump on the blog and hope that one of them is mildly interesting. After all, one of the categories is “Things Friends/Family suggest” and so there’s an opportunity to help me in my endeavour…

The 30×30 list is here and will continue to be accessible from just under the title of my blaarg. I do hope you find something over the course of the next year that proves to be mildly interesting or entertaining and look forward to hearing any feedback.

If worse comes to worst, my blog will simply continue to be the wrong-turn in the Google pick-a-path adventure for some odd term searches (‘public circus‘, ‘motorbike in traffic‘, ‘skinner box‘, ‘savoury scones recipe‘ and, by far the most popular with around 16,000 views… gizmo‘ (oddly enough, the Korean term for ‘gizmo’ also ranks highly) ).

Oh the relevance of my work 😉

^ At least that’s how I remember it. It may be poorly recollected or falsely attributed but the sentiment remains.
* Some things may count in more than one category and so the real count should actually be a bit lower. Eg, the short film I posted the other day, was a New Thing (never made a movie-whatsit), Short-film and Haiku in one blog post 🙂

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    This is water, this is water 🙂

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