Back to my roots…

Just a quickie to say that on my friend gally’s recommendation, I have gotten rid of the old splash page. I have also taken the liberty of moving away from it’s long standing /home/ and to the root folder; that is,

I have put a redirect page at the old location so even if you go there by habit/mistake (this is more for me than anyone else) you’ll be redirected to the new address – you wouldn’t even know you were lost.

There should be no change for email subscribers or anyone for that matter, but if you stumble on an as-yet-undiscovered quirk, please let me know.

I guess the googlebots might be a bit confused with the new set-up but fortunately I’m not faced with too many competitors in the Google ‘Jameses’ term stakes…

Thanks to the people who provided feedback on the ‘Week Without’ or as Cathy proposed the ‘week with’ – which has a decidedly more positive spin and advocates filling your week with positive activities and tidbits, rather than remove things that are ‘bad’… both sides of the same coin I guess…

Oh, and lastly, I’ve been invited to interview for the Senior Policy Officer pool at my current work. In fact, my current job will be drawn out of said pool (due to restructure). So thankfully, I’m not so shit that they won’t consider me for my own job! 😉

Much love…

2 thoughts on “Back to my roots…

  1. Jackie McIntosh says:

    Hope all goes well with the interview. Is it the same job with a different name or promotion or other?

    • Jameses says:

      It’s a pool of Senior Policy Officer positions at the office. Generally the pool is larger than the number of positions available for filling and there are four possibilities –
      1) I get into the pool and get my job
      2) I get into the pool and get a different policy officer position within the Office
      3) I get into the pool and don’t get any position now, but may get one if an opportunity arises in the next 12 months or
      4) I miss out on the pool and finish up at the Office on 30 September…

      Whichever way it goes, I have a plan; be it consolidation, learning something new or travelling SE Asia.

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