Plans and ideas…

Here’s a list of things I’d like to do sometime this year…

1) Record some tunes – now a possibility thanks to my new desktop pc, which is proudly running Ubuntu (and Windows 7).
2) Write some more blog posts, potentially with a few about some of the good food and coffee available in Perth. And encourage Storm to put some of her dance vids/pics/thoughts on
3) Do some research into the best way to communicate to people how much power they consume in the home. I still think visually translating the idea of energy consumption into a standard measure (say 1 x 100w light globe) would be handy. As an example, my Aircon at maximum cooling uses the equivalent of 20 100W globes (or 40c an hour).
4) Investigate how much power different appliances use in my home – in function and in standby – using a Powermate borrowed from work.
5) Work with Storm to develop a collaborative dance piece. My contribution would not be movement based, I’ll give you the tip…
6) Do a quick investigation into how many (parent) companies make everyday products in our home. I have a feeling it would be surprisingly few.
7) Write my children’s story – P.B. Huffletots and Mr Grumbles – oh how cliched 😉
8 ) Go through and organise all of my photos and documents from years past. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll need that blurred photo of half a ceiling fan from one of my drunken forays. Also buy a new lens for my 400D and take some shots around town.
9) See my little nieces play together for the first time.
10) Learn piano and guitar with plectrum…

These are just a few of a bunch of ideas rolling around the grey ol’ sea of mind and matter… We’ll see how it goes 😉

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