Widgets, Titbits and Updates…

It’s been a while… In fact, the frequency of blogposts on Jameses.org has been flatlining for some time. But I do like my blog and I’ve often had a gander back at some of the randomness that’s filled its electronic pages over the last 3 or so years to have a chuckle or dance with nostalgia…

To that end, I’ve added a ‘Random Post’ widget on the righthand sidebar… so if you’re ever bored and on Jameses.org… try your luck.

The widgetization of my blog was part of a number of updates I did last night in an infrequent moment of motivation. Security has been strengthened (apologies to Cathy, whose blog, which I set up, was hacked months ago), data was backed up, and a Flickr widget which places the most recent picture of my Flickr Photostream on my frontpage was installed. I’ve done this as part of Project 365, which encourages participants to upload a photo a day for a year. Today’s as good a day as any to start!

The only other feature I’d like is a mediaplayer so I can have some toones on the frontpage – possibly done with my new guitar and microphone setup.

In other updates, Mum and Dad are in Chicago to visit the bro and family almost a year to the day since I visited that lovely city! Dad’s hopefully gonna kick along to Lollapalooza just to prove old people can enjoy Tool, Kings of Leon and/or other music of the devil.

My lovely little niece Ciara has broken her arm. This means she is now outdoing me on the broken bones counter 1:0. The tooth cavity counter is still level at 0:0.

Also, I stumbled on this interesting piece about love, life and acceptance that really struck a chord with me (From Megnut.com via Kottke.org).

Alright, that’s it for now… Hope you’re all well…

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