Pseudorandom observations and 365Project

1) Only in Australia would you find a lady at 8:45am (nicely dressed and about to start her office job) smashing a potato-topped meat pie for breakfast.
2) I have seen every one of the films John Hughes wrote, directed, or did both. The most humourous incident being when I watched the ‘Family Friendly’ version of Breakfast Club (my first viewing too) that became incredibly non-sequitur after they removed all references to smoking mairjuana. One second they’re sitting around; next minute Emilio Estevez is doing roundoffs… They also changed and overdubbed profane insults with more family friendly varieties – e.g, “Fathead!”. Classic!
3) I have found my first grey hair. This is a moment of excitement, yet now I’m not quite sure what course of action is required…
4) Dingo observed that I should change my tagline to reflect the fact that I am not truly random, but rather most likely pseudorandom


365Project was someone’s idea to encourage people to be creative and take a photo every day for a year. I’ve decided to try and rise to the challenge and am uploading my photos to my Flickr account (For those that use RSS feeds: ‘most recent photo feed‘ and ‘Project365 feed‘). You can also click through from the front page of my blaarrg.

I’ve already had to use a substitute for one day, and I’m one day behind in uploading my pic, but it’s been good fun. I’m going to see if I can get by with only doing editing using the standard ‘MS Office Picture Manager’ and its no-frills crop, colours and contrast abilities. So far so good. Storm looks like she is also keen to start and being a much better photographer than I am, I’ll be sure to not pass on her link when it’s up…. kidding.

You can check out some others here (1, 2, and my favourite, Stormtroopers365) or you can just search for ‘365’ or ‘365Project’ etc…

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