Farewell St Smith, Hello St Longroyd…

After 3 1/2 rather hectic days – which included multiple car, ute and van loads to our new abode; hours of cleaning and scrubbing; more takeaway than an anthropomorphic healthy colon would otherwise advocate; a few random hours making a fence; 6 loads of washing and 11 dryer loads at the local Laundromat; plenty of packing, unpacking and reorganising; and a Sunday trip to the market and pool/spa/sauna – we have finally moved 4 blocks to the west.

We share our new place with 2 third-year dancers (M,F) from WAAPA and an architecture student (M) and it’s now about a 5 minute walk to Storm’s campus. The house is heritage listed and is certainly a little bit further along the spectrum of dilapidation than you might otherwise envisage when you first hear the word ‘heritage’… However, it will certainly serve its purpose for the next 4 months until we ship on to the next locale… As an added bonus, there’s a spare room and a double bed for any westbound visitors (esp, mum and dad, who will be here next month!). As an added, added bonus, we finally have a washing machine of our own!!!

In other news, Storm has been steadily preparing and rehearsing for a week of shows at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) that commence tonight and run through till Saturday. The post PICA party will also be at our new abode, so there’s plenty a’happening!

Alright, back to work… A post-weekend weekend would’ve been sensational but… ah well…

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