Lunchtime Life Update

Hey Guys,

This is fairly boring post, but one that’s aimed at my family and those who’ve asked me what I’m actually doing. That said, feel free to click away or zone out now…

The job is with the Office of Energy, in the ‘Hardship’ area of the ‘Community Division’. My role revolves around the formation and implementation of policies designed to help people in financial hardship (want to pay their electricity bills but can’t) to deal with recent and future tariff increases. Tariffs went up 10% in April and will go up 15% in July (26.25% total) to 17.6c/kWh. More are slated over the next few years to bring WA electricity prices to a point of cost reflectiveness.

As part of this, I work across a couple of different areas – grants, efficiency programs (including audits and a fridge replacement scheme), remote efficiency projects (insulation for remote communities and more audits) and most recently research and policy work regarding Pre-payment Meters (PPMs). PPMs are a hot topic at the moment and there’s significant debate as to how, and how far, they should be rolled out. As a result of all this, I find the work sufficiently diverse and fast moving (at least for the minute) to keep me occupied and happy.

Unlike last year, when Storm was working and dancing nights, it also means that my baby and I get to make dinner together almost every night. Although, with recent performances (which Storm rocked) and assignments due, she’s had more than a few valid reasons to get out of the washing up…

So that’s a wrap; I hope you’re all well and it’s a bit of a shame you all can’t be here to help me celebrate my 28th B’day with a game of Sunday Barefoot Bowls. I’ll be sure to have a beer for you… but not too many; I’m a working man now 😉

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