Simple Super Sweet/Savoury Scones

I’m not a big cakes and sweets man. If I’m going to cook something, it’s generally going to be a first or second course offering. That said, the simplicity (and scrumptiousness) of the Helmore family’s scone recipe is too good to refrain from passing on. It requires 4 cups of self raising flour, a small tub (300ml) of cream, and 1 can of lemonade. Combine the mixture in a big bowl (you may need to add more flour or less lemonade to reach the desired consistency) and then plonk blobs onto a floured baking tray. Cook at 180-200 for 10-15mins… and voila! Perfect with whipped cream, jam and tea!

As good as these scones are, I’ve been desiring for some time to make a savoury scone recipe of similar simplicity; and so I set out to make the scones by substituting the lemonade with a can of beer and by adding bacon and grated cheese to the mix. The result, perhaps surprisingly, was a very nice (and wholly edible) savoury scone which, when consumed with beer and a little bit of relish, constitutes part of a nutritious Lancashire Tea.

I used a moderately flavourless beer – XXXX Gold – and added some pepper and salt to taste. Although the smell of beer is apparent when mixing and resting, it does not invade the flavour of the scones. Possible modifications include cutting the bacon into smaller squares, adding semidried tomatoes or olives into the mixture and/or using soda water with extra salt for those wishing to avoid using beer.

One other option is to make the scones according to a traditional recipe, which by all accounts isn’t too much more difficult that the one thus divulged. Either way, Storm and I now have a deal that every weekend, while she hangs up our 3 loads of washing, I’m to make a fresh batch of scones. And believe it or not, that proposition was arrived at by mutual accord!!

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