Right and Wrong

SO I was right and wrong. I was right that we could confine our spending to food, rent and puncture repair kits. Storm and I eat like kings on the equivalent of Peter Piper’s pitiful pepper-picking pittance. Of some concern though, I have already had 2 punctures in less than a week… I’m thinking about setting up a puncture counter on my website and a betting comp for how many times a stick, burr or bit of glass will deflate my spirits… My money’s on 27 times for 2009.

I was wrong, however, about my establishment of a Soto-coffee ritual every morning of ungainful employment. Stuff that!… too expensive! For the price of 2 coffees, I can get hopped up, Italian style, in the comfortable confines of my own home multiple times. Although, with 260Mb worth of updates needed for my new Ubuntu OS, I might indeed have to duck down for one last coffee and some free wi-fi tomorrow!

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