Perth Trip: Bit of fun in Bonny Hills…

Well, after a unexpected layover in Grafton last night – largely due to the late getaway (who ever gets away on time anyhoos?) and crazy antics of late evening truck drivers – we’ve arrived in our first destination, Bonny Hills.

Fortuitous timing has enabled Storm and me the opportunity to catch up with a number of rellies and say some fond farewells to family and friends. Fortuitous weather also enabled us to head to the beach and catch a few waves in pseudo-antarctic waters… Borrowing my cousin’s waterproof digi-cam, I was able to make a stupid videos of mah bodysurfing stylings! So if you’re bored at work or home, have a squiz and hopefully a chuckle 🙂

Next stop, Sydney, tomorrow!

Video 1

Video 2

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