The Public Circus

I work with a great team. They’re all lovely, enjoy a good chat, and generally get the job done. I have noticed, however, that to every joke and smirk, there is an element of being tainted… that even the kindest souls place three drops of exasperation into every story/joke recounted. That the minor trials and tribulations of working in the Public Circus Service are much like a drop of red wine on the shoulder of your favourite shirt; not large or significant enough to stop you from loving it and wearing it, but large enough to be annoyed at its very existence and fearful that others will perceive it…

A few examples could easily populate this page just from my short tenure, but I thought I’d leave it to the expressions and exasperations of a more entrenched soul…

    Regarding the Employment Services System (Aurion ESS) in an email to my unit.

“So they design an opaque system that invariably requires victims, er, users to call up in order to access and now they remove the call-up facility. Future ‘improvements’ will no doubt include extension of the Wednesday lockdown to every other day, barring perhaps a half-hour window every second Monday between 0700 and 0730 and every third Friday from 1730 to 1800. Password protocol will similarly be ‘improved’ requiring no fewer than thirteen letters and four numbers and will expire after one hour. You will then be unable to use any of the letters or numbers in a password for a period of not less than seven years. Security will similarly be improved by limiting the secret questions to ‘What is the Linnaean name of your favorite venomous Australian creature? And ‘Who is my least favorite Sumerian monarch?’

Somebody mention user-friendliness? Those few able to access the system will be offered a choice of colour schemes, including Public Sector Grey and Billy McMahon Beige in addition to the current Smoggy Sky Blue.


It’s not quite the Cirque du Soleil , but you gotta love the Public Circus…

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