Still around :)

Well, for only the second time since I commenced, I have gone a calendar month sans post. And it’s not been due to a lack of activity in this little ‘ole town, but rather an inertia that I’m sure all bloggers suffer from from time to time. After the passing of a week or two, it becomes apparent that you can’t just re-enter the fray with a frivolous tidbit regarding tide times in the brisbane river, an idle boast about sweeping the Cup, or a story about homemade pies and quiche.

This is particularly the case when so much has been going on: a trip to the States, the consumption of dog, an ongoing unemployment saga, a new job, a second new job, a new niece, Storm’s dance auditions, moving house, and potential farewells to friends and family… yet all of those things seem too personal or non-Jameses-esque to place on this repository of miscellanea.

And so… nothing.

But, when faced with a ‘give it up’ or ‘live it up’ option, there was never really an option and so the inertia has been overcome and this post is born.

And so a concise recapping of recent goings-on:
* I’m now the loving uncle of 4 nieces, with Mischa Kate Everden entering the world, happy and healthy, on the 26th of October!
* Storm and I will soon be residents of Kelvin Grove, leaving behind our much-loved abode of McNab after 2 years, 7 flatmates, and a millionty-billionty transitory guests.
* I am currently in the employ of both the QLD Department of Tourism, Regional Development and Industry and the Caxton Hotel. One brings in the bacon, the other provides luxury-money.
* I have enjoyed recent trips to Fraser Island, Marcoola, Byron Bay, Toowoomba and Murwillumbah in the company of good friends and in search of good times.
* I’m currently partaking in Movember to raise awareness of prostate cancer and male depression, in the process earning the right to indulge myself with a free Grill’d burger every day till the end of the month!
* I, like every other cricket loving Australian, was left despondent by the recent tour to India.

Coming up:
* The expected, but unwanted, passing of a friend of Storm’s and mine.
* A 10 year re-union – for which I need to buff up and slim down 😉
* A dirty, dirty, ginger ‘tache and end of month Movember Gala Party
* Christmas with both families and a 2000km odd round trip for good measure…
* 2009 and big questions to be asked and answered!

So, in sum, blah, blah and blah… But it’s my blog so I can dribble what I want to 😉

Lots of love…

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