US Retrospectives – Denver, Day 1…

The motivation behind my little jaunt to the U.S. was threefold: see my friends married, visit my brother and family in Chicago, and catch up with an old friend in Denver, CO. The entire trip to Denver would total less than 48 hours but needless to say we tried our darndest to pack in as much as possible.

A non-memorable 2 hour flight was followed by a very passable shuttle ride from the airport (45 mins away), dropping off at seemingly every known hotel in the Denver CBD before finally making its way through peak hour traffic and driving rain to my friend Lauren’s house and final destination. Apparently, my trip coincided with the lyrics of a well known Crowded House song as it rarely rains there longer than the time it takes to remark on the rain’s occurrence…

The plan had been to visit my first ever baseball game and, being a huge fan of the statistically driven game of cricket, I was excited. I had learnt the preliminaries to baseball the year before as the team we were to watch, the Colorado Rockies, had made a late surge into the 2007 Worldseries and buoyed by Lauren’s enthusiasm, I had taken it up with relish.

Unfortunately, the inclement weather refrained from lifting and we were ‘forced’ to take refuge in 2 pubs for the duration of the night. The first was an establishment within tobacco-spittin’ distance of the stadium and the second the most beautiful inanimate object I have ever beheld!

This second treasure, the Falling Rock, was dark and homely – with big booths made out of dark wood and with enough room to swing a large dwarf – and home to the most impressive collection of tap beers I have ever been privy to… 78 to be precise! This was in addition to an immense collection of bottled bevvies as well…

I remember remarking at the time that if my friends (notably Dingo, Gally, Rod and Stu (in alphabetical order rather than drinking prowess)) and I lived in Denver, there would be many a liver quaking in its boots at the prospect of ‘Climbing the Wall’. Overwhelmed as I was – luckily I had been forewarned to pack an extra pair of shorts and undies – I settled in to a Buffalo Burger (real Buffalo) and a few pints of amber elixir. Tragically, I could only manage (as we were drinking at altitude (5380ft)) a few pints before my swimming head, inefficacy at verbalising big words and atrocious form on the pool table indicated it was time to away.

Thus, day one was concluded with a smile, the makings of a hangover, and a seal lying well and truly broken on the bathroom floor…

img_5783.pngWhere Better to renew acquaintances!
img_5785.pngMany a hue was seen in this locale!
img_5812.pngAn impressive collection in anyone’s book!
img_5796.pngSpare taps held in the ready, should a barrel fall off the back of a truck
img_5794.pngThey had bottled beer too!
img_5792.pngPatrons attempting to ‘Climb the Wall’
img_5832.pngLosing Focus
img_5841.pngDenver – a place so friendly even Coke and Pepsi are friends!

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