Assumptions, Queries and Observations.

In the 10 mins I have before boarding a plane, I’m going to jot down a few items under each of the heading titles.

* The revolving doors at sports clubs rotate faster, as pumped up patrons exiting the building wish to illustrate their muscular prowess…

* The most cost-efficient exhibit at a zoo/aquarium would have to be the glass box filled with a few sticks and leaves and the title ‘Chameleon’.

* O’Hare is probably the most rubbish airport in the developed world. I mean, amongst other things, who still charges (let alone $2.50) for a luggage cart.

* While Australians might be relatively close to Americans in terms of obesity, we can’t do it for anywhere near as cheap. Thanks to the McDonalds dollar menu, I was able to stuff myself with a double cheeseburger, mcChicken, and associated calories for $2.23. Now that’s value for money lard!

* Taxi drivers in Seoul break the universal laws of taxi-driving. They are born in Seoul, polite, and seem to indulge in random acts of common courtesy.

* If you were to judge Korean sporting culture by its Olympic coverage, you’d be forgiven for thinking the only sports played are badminton, weightlifting, archery, baseball, table tennis, and a dash of synchronised swimming.

* I wouldn’t be at all disappointed if I were to discover that Australia was not represented in synchronised swimming at the games.

* If anyone ever has the right to be sick of hearing about themselves, it’s Michael Phelps. Good thing he’s only a once in four year phenomenon. A little like a comet, but with better rhythym.

* Things that are in abundance in Chicago and not in Seoul: white people, black people, Indian Pale Ales, microbreweries, sidewalk cafes, bicycles, fat people, tornados and cubs fans.

*While the Americans steadfastly walk on the right side of stairs and pavements etc, the Koreans are much more fluid and indecisive.

* The Auto-save mechanism in this blogging software is Awesome! (having accidentally just navigated away from the page).

Ok Gotta run… See you in the antipodes!!!

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