A Poem – Conference

I’ll get around to putting a few photos up from my recent trip home in a day or two… In the meantime, I thought I’d share a poem I found from a year or two ago, newly rediscovered during some random cleaning and sorting this evening…

Sitting; shifting; in an out and in again.
Attention wavering as the hum-drum of paid-up people drifts me by.
The sky’s not seen here, but a thousand lamps attempt to replicate,
as the meek seek to become great in the eyes of peers, playing the seers of industry.
Talking, keynoting, bignoting one’s self, one’s company, one’s image.
For the sake of more more business, money and, alas, happy hour drinks.
In and out I go again to the brink of inattention.
Abstention from the right to think should take me through to evenining drinks…

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