Holy love of Piano Batman!

A month or so back I decided to finally fulfill a longstanding wish: I went out and bought a digital piano. I’d been wanting one in my possession for a while and now that my tutelage is not competing with a beach in the near vicinty (a la Bonny Hills), I’m bound to have a greater inclination to play and learn.

I have to say that getting the coordination back after some 18 years of inaction is somewhat challenging; however, it has been great fun attacking music with a revived sense of determination and enthusiasm. The piano itself is run of the mill digital – $699 Casio CDP-100, but with hammer action and speakers it more than suffices for the time being.

The other great thing is that I now have the pleasure of trying to transpose my guitar compositions and songs to the piano and (later) vice versa. Storm bought me a great little book full of jazz chords in all keys and it’s been amazingly useful in teaching me fingering for Majors, Minors and 7s for all the chords that I currently need. Although I have a lazy bass hand, I have still been able to muck around in G, C and D enough to beat out a few compositions – my first! yay! My first piece ever on the piano was the aptly named ‘Frog goes Plop’… And now that I have enough chords under my belt to have de-mystified the piano to some degree, I really do look forward to learning some pieces – Satie’s 3rd Gymnopedie and ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ among them.


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