My Opus

So, I’ve been playing music for a while…for a good portion of that time it’s possible that what I created might not be termed music so much as the strummings and murmurings of a fool. Time has been relatively kind and I now have a semblance of relative pitch that was only fleetingly recurrent in earlier years… I have recordings and playback partly to thank for this. Anyways, I still play almost every song I’ve written at least occasionally; although, more recent compositions and faves do hog the timewaves.

So when I sat down for the first time in 3 years to try and scribe the names of all my songs it was partly to be proud of what I’d achieved in a not-too-long-a-period of time but also to actually determine the number of pieces I’d written. The list grew quickly at first and then in fits and starts as songs would reappear in my consciousness. A number of these songs still don’t have names and only a few have been recorded to a standard even approaching sub-par for placement on this website and elsewhere.

Nonetheless, an additional day of ruminating and sifting backstores of metaphysical record crates in the mind saw the list splutter past thirty. At present my catalogue sits at 37 songs with lyrics (two of these don’t have musical accompaniment yet) and then about another 13 or so instrumental pieces. Not bad for a two-bit hack with a bit of spare time and a musical inclination.

So my aim for 2008 is to get a ‘decent’ draft of every one of these songs up on this site. That way, if someone hears a piece that they think is worthy of a bit more time and effort, I can maybe get a song or two that is worth sitting back and listening to on a sunday arvo. Failing that, there’ll be a soundtrack for my mum and dad as they slip into senility and beyond 😉

In other news, I have learnt enough piano to compose my first pieces – “Frog goes Plop” and “Raindrops on a Campfire”… do not be deceived by the titles, they are masterpieces 😉

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