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I’ve been to a few places in my time. I was fortunate enough to spend a year and a half overseas drinking calimocho, beer and revelling (with some compulsory study attached). I was also fortunate enough to get to attend my good friends’ wedding in India with Storm. From these many adventures, I have selected these 8 photos to carry the flag for my travels. They have been included because they:
a) made me money;
b) were cool;
c) make for a good story;
d) remind me that travelling was/is fun.

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So in no particular order they are

1) The jump into the Berlin fountain that won me 20 euros from my brother. He said I couldn’t do it, but my wet shorts and hypothermia proved him wrong.


2) The jump onto a stage at a Bratislavan Christmas Market to wish the good folk of Slovakia a merry Christmas from us good folk in Oz. Appropriately full of Gluwein, this gimmick earnt me an additional 50 euros from my ‘I’ll never dare you again’ brother.


3) A photo of me and the Romanian Border Dog asleep after being detained for having a dodgy brother with no visa. This was preceded by a Hungarian beer and some baked beans and succeeded by a 9 hour early morning train ride to whence we’d come. No money was earnt.


4) The remains of our car after our car crash in Morocco. This was the least enjoyable part of my trip it’s fair to say. But all’s well that ends well. For the record, no one was critically injured or worse.


5) Las fallas in Valencia. By far and away the coolest fiesta I have ever been witness to. Click here to find out more.


6) Storm and myself were approached to by photographed for a hotel brochure in Varkala, India. A cocktail and free lunch later, we were presented with a replica of the New York Times ‘Titanic Sinks’ Edition and shown on our way.


7) and 8) Sleeping on the floor of an Indian train. What more can be said…the best stories later are the worst moments at the time. I can still remember the metal flooring in my bony ass. What an authentic experience (having said that, we didn’t notice any Indians sleeping on the floor…dammit!)


One thought on “Favourite Travel Pics

  1. Steph says:

    awesome photos!! You`ve had some hairy and wonderful adventures…I think one of your best travel moments would be the single carriage train in Knin..what is it with you and dodgy train rides? 😛 Oh remind me to tell you about a Knin-esque town…

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