On the theme of Cricket…

It would appear that Australia was recently beaten by the English in the Blind Cricket World Cup.  That’s right folks, blind cricket – a sport in which even Peter McIntyre could bat.

The main difference between standard Cricket and Blind Cricket is the ball. A size three football is used in UK Blind Cricket to help the partially sighted players to see it and it is filled with a quantity of ball bearings to allow the totally blind players to hear it. The MCC Laws of Cricket have also been adapted in other ways in an attempt to allow blind and partially sighted people to compete on equal terms. The major variations are as follows:

  • The wicket is larger, making it easier for the partially sighted players to see and easier for a Batsman or Bowler to touch for the purpose of orientatation.
  • The ball must pitch at least twice before the crease of a totally blind Batsman but must not be rolling.
  • The ball must pitch at least once before the crease of a partially sighted Batsman.
  • A totally blind Batsman is given one chance before being given out LBW and cannot be stumped.
  • The Bowler must ask the Batsman if he is ready before beginning his run up and shout “play” as he releases the ball.
  • A totally blind Fielder can make a catch after the ball has bounced once.

The Blind Cricket World Cup is currently underway in Pakistan, so hopefully the Aussies can lift the cup.  Apparently, a game or two has already had to be postponed due to heavy rain.  According to one player “We just didn’t see it coming”… baboom-cha!

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