Climate Change

With a small amount of introspection, I can tell that my personal beliefs on a number of topics have changed over the last 18 months. The depth and potential duration of these changes will be seen in coming years…

But I think I have left behind the strongly emotive undergrad – the one who fired up about development; oppression at the hands of the powerful; all things mining; all things corporate; and environmental issues – for someone with a little more critical discernment, pragmatism, and (gasp) skepticism. Working in the minerals industry has made me blasé by one measure, or ‘in possession of dormant emotions’ by another. Coal production figures become detached from the huge holes in the ground that make them. I often wonder where the emotion went…

Anyways, I digress…

Last night, I was lucky enough to receive a free viewing of the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth“, featuring Al Gore. The documentary is a very persuasive piece of work that describes in detail the growing Global Climate Change issue – causes, policy, effects, and path of salvation. I was impressed with the effort that went into the film and thought it argued its point very well.

But I couldn’t shake off my new self; I found myself asking – who is backing Al Gore in the making of this film? More importantly, are the scientific data used to make such strong claims valid? I also wondered what the critics’ response would be, and noted to myself that he did still wear fine suits, stay in 5 star hotels and fly an awful lot.

So, after a little research, I was very pleased to note that –
* The scientific data behind the film seem to be valid I was really happy about this…I guess I deal too much with industry PR and ideogical thinktanks.
* The backers of the film weren’t huge multinationals who would benefit from certain points made in the documentary – i.e. Hydrogen car manufacturers, producers of energy efficient appliances and lights, etc.
* Interestingly, the critics loved the film

So with a much lighter heart, I can recommend that you see this film…and ‘get fired up like an emotional undergrad’…

Although, I can’t help but think that without a change to the paradigm, will enough be done?


Partners of the Documentary
Environmental Impacts of Aviation

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