Reviate yourself!

So, I was just thinking, if I stray from the right course or path in life (or any road for that matter), I deviate. Naturally enough, deviate comes from the late latin deviare — de + via (road).

Now, for me, deviate has a directionality – that is, I can only go one way in deviance, away from the (correct) path. It would be difficult to deviate from deviance, for example (unless one slides further into decrepitude).

So what happens when someone leaves behinds their deviant ways and rejoins the correct path or road. Well, it’s only logical that they ‘reviate’. (v. intr.),,

1. To rejoin the road after a period of deviance. – After beating around the backroads of New Mexico, we finally reviated onto Route 43.
2. To subject oneself to the norms and rules of society after turning one’s back on an earlier deviant lifestyle. –Thank goodness Jimmy has finally reviated after those months of abject alcoholism.

A reviant – Smitty you little reviant you!

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  1. See - I do read your posts :P says:

    Oh you linguistic nerd you!

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