Late nights, loud music.

So I’ve been putting myself through the rigours of late night sport watching. I’ve caught snippets of the majority of world cup games and large segments of a slightly smaller number. The lack of sleep and mental stimulation, and excessive exposure to TV have slowly whiled my vocabulary down to a few grunts and snorts of varying pitch and intensity. Throw some alcohol into the mix and you’ll possibly start to gain a visual image of the sludge that is currently my mind.

Repeatedly going to bed at early-mid morning hours has exposed me to a whole new level of tiredness that had been hitherto unknown. I have now gained valuable insight into what most honours students wait 10 months to experience. Even the beloved italian espresso maker looks at me with a helpless shrug come morning. Not that I’m complaining. The football has been wonderful in every regard, and the hangovers; well, they’re just the same as always.

As a small post script, I can say that my knee is well on the way to normality having survived the perils and pressures of a drunken stumble back from the city. My brain is not faring so well, however, having taken no small part in an action that resulted in Storm having to pluck -with tweezers – a small piece of tissue from the inner stretches of my ear. The tissue had served its purpose of blocking out the incredibly loud (and crap) music that was resounding at Tinbillies in the early hours of the morning; but had overstayed its welcome and utility by remaining lodged long after the music had otherwise drifted away.

So here’s to salad, sobriety and NSW winning the third state of origin….oh and to an early night’s sleep come 10th of July.

2 thoughts on “Late nights, loud music.

  1. SFW says:

    Was the tissue also used to block out the annoying footyheads rants and ravings?Next time instead off the tissue, try your girlfriends(Storm)dads tongue.Yummy!

  2. Jameses says:

    I can’t believe he tongued your ear within 5 minutes of meeting you. Storm-dog and I have been going out for 11 months and I’m still waiting for the privilege…At least he kept Johnny Jr in his pants (unlike Storm’s 21st B’Day photos… ha)

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