Holy Fish!

So, before Tuesday my life tally of fish was 3 – a bream, flathead and a mullet. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when we jumped aboard John’s (Storm’s dad) little tinny to head out of Burnett Heads for a dash of fishing. Despite oversleeping a tad, we were able to procure the necessary amount of yabbies to ensure a few good hours fishing. We had a few unsuccesful drifts – yielding not much more than a few grinners – and then we hit the spot. Anchored there for a few hours, each throw was met with a bite and nibble and most times (despite their increasing cunning) we managed to pull up a healthy diver whiting. In addition to a few grinners, I also managed to land an undersized sole, flathead and stripey – landing me the award for most variegated catch.

At the conclusion of the trip, my life tally had jumped from 3 to in excess of 50 (including throwbacks). Between us, we landed 147 edible whiting – food enough for both sets of grandparents, parents, sister, Storm and myself. The only drawback was the not-insignificant time required to scale, fillet and bone-out our haul (around 3 hours in total).

Although, when all was done and scrubbed (except for our fishy fingers), it was wonderful to sit down and inhale the whiting sandwiches we had been envisaging since early morning.

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