Some new definitions

Travelution (alt spelling Travolution) – n. , A resolution made within the context of an overseas trip during an apparent epiphanic moment or similar moment of clarity. Upon return to one’s original surrounds (i.e. home), it soon becomes apparent that said travelutions have no practicability whatsoever and, as such, are never enacted upon.

, -ion, -ing v. intr. (alternate definition) -1. To reflect upon a moment or experience in the past with the added bonus of hindsight and knowledge unknown at the time. Retroflecting, I’m glad I didn’t eat that fish.
2. To reflect and get nostalgic about how good the 60’s and 70’s really were.

Constantipation n. – The affliction of being constipated for prolonged periods of time (e.g. forever); even when struck by a bout of diarrhea.

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