Motorbikes and Traffic lights

I’m not sure of the specific nature of peak hour traffic light systems and algorithms, but I do know that outside of certain peak envelopes, time sensors are done away with in favour of weight electromagnetic sensors embedded in the bitumen. From a scooter perspective, some sensors are more sensitive than others and depending on the line of approach, may or may not be activated. Options in this circumstance are –
a) wait for a car
b) roll your bike back and forward in the hope you’ll hit a sweet spot.
c) hop off, run and press the pedestrian button
d) run the red light

Now, I have found that people in Brisbane are fairly generous with giving space to scooters and not riding their rear bumpers. This does not necessarily help when said car is needed to nudge forward to activate said sensors. Indeed, last night whilst waiting at the RE traffic lights (particularly insensitive buggers given the deep grooves formed by constant traffic), no amount of hand waving, gesticulating and word miming could urge the guy behind me to edge forward a metre.

In retrofelction, why would you trust a guy in a incandescent orange vest, wildly flailing arms at a seemingly benign red light??

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