7 Letter Sweetness

So I’ve been playing a fair bit of scrabble recently – in a moment of impulse and misplaced masculinity I rushed out to buy a board and challenged Storm to a little Scrabble tête-à-tête. We’ve developed quite the rivalry and occasionally invite Storm’s sister Casey in for a little three-way action down at the local Cafe. Although our actual abilities are somewhat questionable and our lexiconographic capabilites somewhat stunted, we have a great deal of fun and continually pine for some of that 7 letter sweetness.

Last night, Stormy was sitting pretty after winning a tight (3 points) previous outing and had her nose ahead and a mouth full of smack talk. That was until Jameses gave her two 7 letter smackdowns in 3 turns (the highly complex ‘squares’ and ‘policed’). I have to admit, my second word might have been helped by the two blanks I drew in the one dip.

Then Casey threw a curveball with ‘gook’ (it actually is an official scrabble word) and the game was truly underway. After the dust had settled, the lovely roast digested and the wine drunk, Jameses emerged a contented and slightly smug winner – ready to drift off dreaming of words such as ‘zephyrs’, ‘quixote’ and ‘muzjiks’. For some further scrabble oddities click here and scroll down.

As a last note, I think I’ve found the most prickish word to play on a scrabble board – ‘zyzzyva‘… Admittedly, you’d need two blanks but by joves wouldn’t it open up the board for others…

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